As a reminder of what truly motivates her,
Dr. Samplaski displays prominently at her office
her "Wall Of Fame", which is a photo collection
of the many babies she has been involved in.


Amelia: A dream come true

“Becoming parents was a dream that my wife and I shared. We thought it would be easy to get pregnant but that wasn’t our case. We tried for two years on our own before we sought help from a fertility doctor. Unfortunately, our doctor wasn’t willing to explore options other than IVF. We contacted Dr. Samplaski to be sure we were covering all our bases. She truly was the foundation to us having our daughter. Dr. Samplaski was incredibly professional, empathetic, and had a game plan. After submitting a semen analysis, it turns out that I had a low count and low motility. She prescribed me a medication for three months and after that third month, I was tested again and the numbers were astounding. Everything had gone up and we were given the green light to continue fertility treatments. My wife went through an IUI and we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, who wouldn’t be here without Dr. Samplaski’s help. We can’t thank her enough!”

-Eddie and Deborah


I've never met a doctor like Dr. Samplaski

“Dr. Samplaski is the most caring doctor I’ve ever experienced. She not only will go that extra step, she will go the extra mile to ensure you are doing well. She will email you and call you between visits, and you can contact her the same and she will get back to you ASAP. I’ve never met a doctor that is as warm, kind and friendly as Dr. Samplaski.”

-Rocky and Christina


Dr. Samplaski takes that extra step

“Dr. Samplaski helped to give us what we wanted most: a baby. A lot of physicians have made me feel as though all I am to them is a few lines of notes stuffed into a manila folder. So I can’t express how refreshing it was to finally meet Dr. Samplaski, a physician that listens, understands and cares. She has the heart, drive and expertise to treat her patients at the highest level of care available. Simply put, Dr. Samplaski takes that extra step, where most doctors stop; This is what separates Dr. Samplaski from others.”

-Eric and Sarah


We are expecting our first child

“We love Dr. Samplaski. I have Cystic Fibrosis and she not only thoroughly explained all of our options, but we were comfortable to ask all of our pressing questions. Her extensive knowledge and great bedside manner made our experience positive all around. Thanks to her we are expecting our first child.”


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