Adult Circumcision


While many men are circumcised around the time of birth, some men who are not circumcised as infants choose to have the procedure done as an adult. The reasons for doing this are varied. One of these is known as “phimosis”, a condition where the foreskin that is so tight that it cannot be retracted. This may prohibit intercourse, or lead to pain, tearing and bleeding with intercourse. Another reason men may choose to undergo a circumcision is for hygiene. In men who are not able to retract their foreskin to wash below it, they may there may be an increased risk of penis skin infections. A third reason that men may undergo a circumcision is for a penis cancer. This is generally diagnosed after a lesion is found on the penis and a biopsy has been taken which shows cancer.

The circumcision procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery. It takes approximately one hour. It is done under a general anesthetic or IV sedation. Most men report the pain afterwards as mild, and we give men pain medication to help. Studies have not shown a change in penile sensation after circumcision, although each individual man may be different.